Does stuffed sausage ravioli and capreze salad bring a smile to your face, along with images of your favorite Italian restaurant?

Well, that’s what Papa George did for the seniors at the South Boston Neighborhood House Senior Center.

Papa George – also known as our favorite “yes” man “George LoCasio” – brought his knowledge and expertise direct from Italy by hosting a cooking demonstration and luncheon here at the center.20160318_130235

While cooking, George entertained the seniors with marvelous stories of his ventures in Italy where he learned to cook from chef Biago Longo in Sorrento, Italy, and chef Nora Chimirri in Syracuse, Sicily.

The Ollie seniors enjoyed a fabulous day starting with homemade lemoncello, and tomato with mozzarella and basil, followed by homemade garlic bread.  The main course consisted of homemade pasta right out of the pasta maker, meatballs, gravy, and finishing up with gnocchi, and raviolis stuffed with pork.

George is passionate about his culinary skills, which started learning when he was a boy cooking with his mother making meatballs and an assortment of Italian dishes. George’s passion comes through in every dish he prepares. All ingredients are fresh from the market (or his garden depending on the season), organic, and prepared cholesterol and sodium free.

The seniors were mesmerized by George’s charm and eloquence combined with his enthusiasm for all things Italian. Georges reminisced about his travels to Palermo, Catania, Salerno, and Positano. George spoke about people he met and the amazing chefs that introduced him to their culinary skills.

Although George artfully demonstrated the secrets of his fine cuisine, he would not reveal his secret recipe for his irresistible meatballs. George is a show all unto himself; his wit and knowledge entertained the seniors all day long.

After a full day of eating, and laughing, George answered many questions and took the time to sit with the seniors and discuss culinary traditions and customs that were past down from one generation to another. Here in Southie where George grew up and still resides with his wife Mary, a large portion of the Italian population lived down by East Second Street. Still to this day in spite of the many changes Southie has undergone, Italian American pride night remains. Annually the Italian American Pride Night Committee selects a person who constantly gives back to the community and George was named the Italian American man of the year in 2014.

The seniors couldn’t speak enough about the great day they had.

Rainey Fiasconaro and Jane Babine were the consummate waitresses enhancing Papa George’s travelling show, handling the trays of food with ease and perfection.

George will bring his expertise right into your home. Given enough notice, George will entertain, demonstrate the art of Italian cooking and present to you and your guests a wonderful evening of the finest Italian Dinning. Thank you so much PAPA GEORGE FOR A WONDERFUL DAY IN  “Al ITAILIA”!

-Carole Sullivan

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