Jack Hart reprised his role as a favorite South Boston emcee last Saturday in the Boston Teachers Union Hall on Mt. Vernon Street, where he took the reins at Harry Uhlman’s 85th Birthday Party. He started the program by asking everyone to rise and sing “Happy Birthday” to Harry. And Jack then struck exactly the right note by mentioning that classic American popular song, “I’m Just Wild about Harry!”, because all of us there were wild about him (and still are).

The reasons for this high esteem were evident. Many of the guest were “special kids”, all of whom have been dear to Harry’s heart for the last 25 years. They were having the time of their lives, socializing with perhaps as many as 500 people who also attended Harry’s soiree. Partway through the evening, after the program was concluded, Harry’s kids gathered around him on the dance floor for photographs. Some of his special kids were dancing themselves; every one of them wore smiles of joy.

In one key part of the program, it was announced that the bandstand in Marine Park will now be officially and deservedly named the “Harry Uhlman Bandstand”. Harry really didn’t want such recognition, so this had been kept a secret. All he really wants is for his special children to have a special time, which they certainly did.

To the best of our knowledge, the term “Special Children” originated with Cardinal Cushing. He called these young people “Special” in the eyes of God because they could do nothing wrong – they do not know the meaning of the word “evil”.

Harry’s 85th was a marvelous event – just ask any one of his “Special Children”.