In celebration of Random Acts of Kindness and Valentines Week, a display of beautiful hearts created by the youth of South Boston has been hung on the tree outside of the Area C-6 Police Station on West Broadway. The hearts, created by South Boston youth, are a gift to the residents of South Boston. This is the eighth consecutive year that the young people have done this community project.

The Hearts of Kindness Project is an initiative designed to promote goodwill in South Boston, as a direct result of random acts of kindness performed by the youth of this community. Youth are being asked to reflect on their lives and document acts of kindness by creating fabric hearts that are displayed for all of South Boston to see. The hearts symbolize the caring nature of South Boston youth and the ways they share their talents with the community.  Each heart represents an act of kindness performed by the youth that created the heart. Many are stuffed with small pieces of paper that list the act of kindness completed by the youth.

The Hearts of Kindness Project is part of an ongoing initiative to recognize the positive effects that youth have on the South Boston community. The project is organized by the Youth Ambassadors at the South Boston Community Health Center. The hearts will be displayed from now and through all of next week – which just so happens to be “Random Acts of Kindness Week.”

If you would like more information about this project please contact Mayra Rodriguez-Howard at 617-464-7423 or Linda Doran at 617-464-7463 at the South Boston Community Health Center – Institute for a Healthier Community.