Richie “The Hit Man” and Francis “The Tank” Hogan have been busy in recent months, competing in boxing tournaments in Canada, Texas, and Ohio, and have had fun doing so, simultaneously expanding their reputation in the world of amateur boxing. Their first adventure in late May was up north in Quebec, Canada, competing in the Imperium International Cup. Four Hundred boxers from around the world competed in 300 fights in this three-day event (May 20-22) at la Cite du Sport de Terrebonne, where all fighters were giving “body and soul in hopes of bringing home the much sought after Imperium Cup.” The Tank won both of his fights on TKO’s and captured the tournament championship. He was also chosen as the Fighter of the Tournament, the youngest fighter ever to do so. The Hit Man fought twice and both times lost on split decisions, the second fight being against a hometown favorite. Next up was the Ohio State Fair (July 27-30) in Cleveland/Columbus, Ohio. The Tank captured his second championship-Ohio State Fair National Championof the summer, by winning both fights by unanimous decision. The Hit Man drew a first round bye then lost on a split decision. Their final tournament appearance was just last month (August 18-21) in Houston, Texas, at the Houston Open Ring National Tournament. The Tank had a first round bye and then won another national title by winning his third championship tournament by a unanimous decision. The Hit Man won his semi-final fight but lost again by a split decision, all the while still being rated #2 in the nation in his age and weight class. The “Hogan Boys” were indeed busy this summer and enjoyed their visits to other cities. The Hit Man had fun and enjoyed the tough fights. “It was fun going to different places,” he said. “It was especially different in Texas where it was hot and humid. It was good competition and they were tough fights for me.” The Tank also liked traveling around and meeting new people. “It was good meeting kids from different cities in this country and Canada,” he said. “It was good competition but I was confident I was the better fighter once I stepped into the ring.” The Hogan Boys are trained by their dad Richie and Derek Shea. “Although Derek was unable to go with us,” Richie said. “We spoke on the phone before and after fights. He always gives us good advice and a ton of support. Derek is always there for us. “Francis was great and Richie fought tough too,” he added. “I thought he should have won all his decisions. The people we met couldn’t believe how good they were which made everyone feel good about everything we’ve done… inspired. It was a great summer for the boys, a good experience for us. “We fight for South Boston and for our family,” he concluded. “And we never forget that fact. Never forget.” Derek Shea, a well-known local trainer, has nothing but praise for his two star pugilists.

“They work hard all the time,” he said. “After every single fight they’re right back in the gym training and working out. They just don’t take any time off.

“They’re called the Tank and the Hit Man by some friends and family,” he said. “But I like to call them ‘Boston’s Bad Boys’ because they are really good kids.”

The Tank and the Hit Man are the sons of Richie and Colleen Hogan. They have three sisters, Grace, Susan, and Katherine. Their grandparents are Mary and Sonny Hogan, and Susan and the late Michael Ridge. The Hogan Boys hope to journey back to Quebec later this September to fight in another national tournament but could use a little assistance. Any donation would be greatly appreciated by them (