He’s a soft-spoken young boy who enjoys having fun with friends while he’s engaged in sports. His name is Aidan Young.

Aidan, 12, is the son of Tracey and James Young. He also has a younger brother named Nolan. Aidan is in the sixth grade at the Boston Collegiate Charter School in Dorchester. He’s an Honor Roll student, likes going to science class, and someday hopes to play in the National Hockey League.

His favorite color is blue and he enjoys eating pizza while watching ESPN or while reading sports books. His favorite professional athletes are Dylan Larkin of the NHL’s Detroit Red Wings and the Carolina Panthers sensational quarterback Cam Newton. In his leisure time, Aidan likes to go outside and play with his friends or journey up to the Walsh Center gym and play pick-up hoop games. In the world of sports, he plays basketball, hockey, baseball and soccer.

Aidan has played in the South Boston Youth Soccer League since he was three years old and has been playing hockey since he was old enough to put on skates. He’s currently on the Pee Wee “A” team. This team, which is coached by Bobby McGarrell, recently won its district championship.

“I was happy when we won the championship,” Aidan said. “I like playing hockey and having fun with my friends. Hockey makes you faster and it’s a nice activity.”

Aidan has played baseball in Southie since his t-ball days. He was on the Red Sox last summer and was used as a pitcher, catcher, first baseman, and at shortstop. He’ll never forget hitting 12 inside the park homeruns for his team this past season. In the world of hoop, this is his first year playing in the Gatey program at the Walsh Center gym.

Overall, Aidan loves hockey because it’s a fast-paced game. He enjoys soccer and running up and down the field. He likes playing defense in baseball and hitting homeruns. In basketball, he likes scoring and passing the ball to his teammates. All these sports have one common denominator for Aidan.

“All of my friends in live in Southie,” Aidan said. “It’s a benefit for me to be on teams with my friends, because we stay active and have fun. I love having fun.”

This article was updated on Feb. 4, 2016, to correct the name of Tracey Young.