He’s a happy, young boy who keeps busy in school and in the world of sports. His name is Brayden Buckley.

Brayden, 7, is the son of Taylor Buckley. His grandparents are Jane and Tim Buckley. He’s in the first grade at the Oliver Hazard Perry K-8 School located on East Seventh Street in South Boston. The school’s mission is to allow students to develop critical thinking skills to facilitate their future educational endeavors.

Brayden is an Honor Roll caliber student, loves math, and someday hopes to play in the NBA. His favorite color is white and his favorite foods are pizza and corn. His favorite TV show is “Alvin and the Chipmunks.” His favorite NBA player is Golden State Warriors star guard and reigning league MVP, Wardell Stephen “Steph” Curry II; and his favorite Bruins player is Patrice Bergeron.

In his leisure time, Brayden enjoys going to the South Boston Boys and Girls Club. He plays basketball, floor hockey and hangs out with his Club friends. At home, he loves playing NBA video games on his Xbox. He also loves to read and is currently reading a book about the life of Steph Curry.

In the world of sports, Brayden is busy throughout the year either playing soccer, football, baseball, hoop, or going to the Murphy Rink to ice skate. Brayden is playing baseball this season in the local minor league and is used as a shortstop. He also hopes to pitch. He played quarterback in the South Boston Pop Warner Football League last fall. He also plays soccer at the Pope John Paul II Park in Dorchester and in the South Boston Youth Soccer League. And recently, Brayden skated at the TD Garden when he participated in the Three Minutes of Fame program organized by the Junior Bruins.

Undoubtedly Brayden’s favorite sport is basketball. He’s a smart player, quick, fast, a ball-hawk, and has a good handle for such a young kid. He knows when to shoot and when to pass and isn’t selfish. Brayden plays at the West Street Park and at the Club. He plays at the Tynan gym and his team, the Tynan Magic, coached by Greg Lally,  just won the Tynan co-ed youth hoop league championship, He also plays hoop in the Next Level program at the BCYF Mildred Community Center in Mattapan, the No Books -No Ball program at Orchard Gardens in Roxbury, and at the Holland School in Dorchester.

“I like playing sports,” he said. “But I like basketball the best. It’s fun. It’s awesome and I have a good time.”

His mother Taylor makes sure he’s doing his school work and keeps him busy in sports.

“Brayden’s doing really well in school,” she said. “He’s very athletic and mature for his age. I’m proud of him.”