By Kevin Devlin

They love going to the South Boston Boys and Girls and participating in the Fun in the Sun program. If they’re not in the pool splashing around, they are in the gym shooting the basketball, playing floor hockey or playing dodgeball. If they get tired of doing that, they’ll journey into the education room or the games room and hang out with friends. They are three Club girls. They are Brianna Hodges, Christian Brewster and Alexandria Davis.

Brianna Hodges, 9, is the daughter of Michelle Bates and Daryl Baker. She has two brothers, Cody and Colby as well as one sister named Shannon. Brianna’s family has two dogs Diamond and Popeye, and a black and white cat named Oreo.

Brianna will be a fourth-grader this fall at the Paul A. Dever Elementary School which is located on Mount Vernon Street in Dorchester. Her favorite subject is writing, she’s an Honor Roll, and someday she hopes on being a professional hoop player. Her favorite color is teal, her favorite food is tacos, and her favorite professional athlete is Stephen Curry who plays for the Golden State Warriors in the National Basketball Association.

Brianna loves playing basketball. She practices her free throws in the Club gym, and plays hoop games with her friends in the outdoor basketball courts, located within the Mary Ellen McCormack Housing Development, the BHA’s oldest development. In her leisure time, she likes playing tackle football with her brother Cody, playing video games, and watching TV.

If Brianna was the President of the United States, she said that she wouldn’t let people drink alcohol around kids, and tell people not to be rude to each other.

Christian Brewster, 11, is the daughter of Terry Farnes and Brandon Aikins. She has two sisters, Shannon and Kandice. She will be in the seventh grade this upcoming school year at the James Condon Elementary School which is located on “D” Street in South Boston. Her favorite subject is math and she’s doing well in the classroom. Someday she plans on being a professional entertainer such as a singer or a dancer.

Christian’s favorite color is blue and she loves eating pepperoni pizza with family and friends. In the world of sports, she just started gymnastics, is self-taught, and her favorite move is the front flip. In her leisure time, she enjoys playing on her IPad, watching TV, and hanging out with her friends.

If Christian was our chief executive in Washington, D.C., she would lower taxes and stop the city of Cambridge from charging people ten cents for plastic grocery bags.

Alexandria Davis, 11, is the daughter of Cindy Davis. She has one brother named Michael and her grandparents are Lorraine and Bobby Davis. She also loves her family pets, a cat named Dusty, a fish named Blur, and a frog her brother takes care of so that’s why she doesn’t know its name.

Alexandria previously attended the Joseph P. Tynan Elementary School which located on East Fourth Street in South Boston, but will be going into the sixth grade at the Neighborhood House Charter School located on Queen Street in Dorchester. She’s also doing well in school and her favorite subjects are science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).Someday she hopes on playing professional hoop or pursue an engineering career.

Alexandria’s favorite colors are purple and pink and her favorite food is pizza and potato chips. In her leisure time, she watches TV and plays video games. In the world of sports, she plays touch football with her cousins in New Hampshire and Dorchester. She’s also played soccer in the South Boston Youth Soccer league for the past four years.

“It’s a great sport,” she said. “There’s a lot of running involved, which is good exercise.”

If Alexandria lived in the White House as the nation’s top leader, she said that she would try to stop wars and make sure police were trained to protect everyone.