Because South Boston is one of the most thriving neighborhoods in Boston, JOKR decided it was the perfect fit for its instant grocery delivery business.  And it is.   JOKR is offering $100.00 of your first 3 orders (Use code GET100).

“Thanks to South Boston, after one month, Boston became the fastest-growing market of all the cities where JOKR operates globally,” said Tyler Trerotola, JOKR’s US CEO. “The results have been amazing, proving that betting for South Boston as the first store in Boston was the right decision.”  

JOKR, located at 301 W. Broadway, opened in November.  

Trerotola said South Boston’s growing population of young families and professionals appreciates what JOKR has to offer.

“The access to grocery shopping in South Boston was limited, with not many options available, and at higher price points than what we offer,” said Trerotola. “We believed that JOKR could be the go-to option for customers looking for an improved assortment of products, at cheaper prices, and with the convenience of a delivery as fast as 10 minutes.”

JOKR offers a variety of items, from fresh, locally sourced fruits and vegetables to everyday household items. JOKR curates its selections based on the communities in which it operates, Trerotola said. For example, if JOKR notices more app sessions in the morning hours, the company might add more traditional breakfast items in that neighborhood.

Customers place orders on the mobile app for delivery via e-bikes or in-store pickup. “We use e-bikes as they are not only more convenient than using a vehicle but also reduce traffic and reduce JOKR’s carbon footprint,” Trerotola said.

JOKR workers are all local full-time W-2 employees who get paid fair wages and benefits.

“The JOKR community lives and works in the same neighborhoods we serve, and as such the safety of our riders, our neighbors, and our customers is of paramount importance,” Trerotola said

“Our customers love the convenience we offer, how friendly our riders are, and how we are decreasing traffic by using electric bikes, which are also much friendlier for the environment.”

Trerotola continued: “We hope that our commitment to sustainability will inspire and lead every step of our decision-making and goal-setting, so that together we can achieve the positive impact we want to see in the world.”

JOKR is always testing and learning, ensuring it is serving the needs of its communities. “Through our interactions with the Southie community and our neighbors, we are excited to be making some additional changes,” Trerotola said. 

In the next few months, those changes include implementing the option of paying with food stamps, to improve access for neighbors who don’t necessarily have a credit card to pay in the app, and creating a much more inviting front of house for people to come into the store and get their groceries in a seamless pick-up experience.

Creating JOKR was a natural progression, Trerotola said. It was built by a team that has significant experience and passion in building consumer businesses and is intrigued by the idea of making customers’ lives easier and more enjoyable. 

“We identified a need for JOKR as consumers were seeing a gap in what they wanted vs. what they were being offered,” Trerotola said. “JOKR bridges the gap between data science and procurement, offering customers personalized offerings based on their previous shopping behaviors. By tapping into local producers and brands, we can predict what customers need and when they will need it.”

JOKR currently partners with local producers and stores to provide access to unique offerings. In South Boston, OTTO Pizza and J.P. Licks are examples of how JOKR strives to meet the personalized needs of each community in which it operates by bringing in local favorites. 

JOKR also supports smaller local suppliers that are mission-driven and have amazing products. Bisousweet, Kayak, and Mom’s Munchies are three local woman-owned companies that JOKR recently partnered with to increase the assortment of baked goods.

The South Boston store allows JOKR to serve the full Southie and Seaport community, so the company doesn’t need another store in this area, Trerotola said. JOKR will grow in the current location by having the following:

  • An expanded assortment of products that will get better with time as JOKR uses sales data to grow in categories that customers appreciate the most.
  • A bigger team to continue serving the growing customer base and orders.
  • Site and operational improvements that allow the company to better serve its Southie customers.

JOKR is focused on creating more personalized, more relevant, more local, and more sustainable shopping opportunities for the communities it serves.

South Boston is one of the most traditional areas in the city, and we felt there was an opportunity to connect with new customers that are not necessarily used to buying online but could benefit from a pick-up experience at the stores,” Trerotola said.