By Richard Campbell

You’ve got to hand it to them, Kings knows how to throw a party.  Their latest installment opened this past Monday night, in the Seaport District, with all the glitz and glowing fun their bowling game palace usually offers, and then some. I actually like the layout of this one better than the one in Back Bay, there is something more moving up front, and spectacular about the graphics, design and gaming sections.

This is a well-trained hospitality staff. They know the objective: help you have fun.  The opening night patrons early on were those smart ones who logged themselves in for the free bowling promotion. I loved the fact that some people were real amateurs on the lanes, and for quite some time the music mix was in the 80’s – 90’s zone, chalked full of real heart pounding rhythms and great vocals. People were clamoring to get into the place shortly after opening at 6:00pm, and they stayed solid for about three hours.  Because the place is so big it wasn’t like people had to wait long to play games.

After the shoot I ordered the barbeque pizza, which is less tangy than the one I got in Back Bay, but still had the requisite heart clogging cheese. This with an extra big beer, (32 ounces) sets you back twenty something, which is a little steep-but in this neighborhood, you might consider it a deal. Don’t count the calories.  You can keep track of your Celtics or Patriots game, of course, with all the screens.  This place is family friendly early on, and black light ready for the late night college crowd.  This is a company that knows how to do fun.  So, your company keeps dragging you to boring places over the holidays? Here’s a solution.  Trust me, Southie will eat this place up.