South Boston Online, in its Dec. 3, 2015, issue (Page 8), photographed and published the image of a tattered and filthy American flag located atop a steel crossbar on an abandoned site at B Street and West Broadway.

Following a week of inaction on everyone’s part, I began an unsuccessful quest to find someone in the area working with a ladder, whose use I could recruit. I once again visited the tattered flag’s location and happily, I discovered a pickup truck (with ladder) parked next to the site. I then tracked down the pickup’s owner.

After explaining my quest, he and his partner took on the task and lowered the flag with respect. The three of us ceremonially folded the flag, later to be brought to the fire station at K and Fourth Streets for proper disposal.

My hope that this project would be addressed by a South Boston official, a veterans’ post or a civic organization was never realized. The assisting tradesmen are both Dorchester residents; I am not a veteran.

Once again, my sincere thanks to all involved.

Ed Oliver/Bohld
Southie Pride Patrol
South Boston Community GRIME Watch