This year’s St. Patrick’s Day parade was great. Thanks to everyone who made it all possible. The issue of the length of the parade is indeed yesterday’s news, as Boston’s Mayor Marty Walsh wisely put it. A big thank you goes out to Southie’s BFF (attorney) Chester Darling.

There were few arrests and mostly it was a great day for families, young children and everyone else in between to enjoy some Southie Pride. The sky’s started off sunny and then turned quite cloudy, but there was no dent in the cheers from all who sat or stood through the whole beautiful celebration. As far as the temps, near 29 degrees, just another typical parade day in South Boston.

I must say I missed the sight of the Cornerstone. It is gone but hardly forgotten. Finally, another reminder for us to remember all the hard work that Wacko Hurley did for this neighborhood over the decades. Like the Cornerstone, gone but never forgotten.

East Boston