By Carol Masshardt

Healing and relaxation are indisputably needed, and If Lilah Evans is correct, there will be a customer base in South Boston just looking for a holistic way to deal with stress. Offering Tarot Card readings, Meditation, Reiki, (transfer energy through palm healing) Chakra (exploring centers of vital energy in the body) are age old practices now available in the neighborhood.

“We moved here in May after being on Tremont St. in downtown for twenty-seven years. The building was sold to developers, and we needed a new location. My older son had been in school at Tynan, and I thought it might work,” she said.

Lilah found the location, former home of Neatly Nested, on the corner of E. and West Broadway and saw the possibilities. It is a calm and interesting place, with quiet meditation spaces, a well-spaced display of candles, soap, crystals, jewelry, and separate, private places for the practice of Tarot readings, Reiki, and Chakra.

“People come in who have things on their mind and are looking to de-stress. I help them find their energy and direction,” she said.

Though one may think of these practices as new, they are generations old, and, in fact, Lilah’s mother, Katherine, will be working with her as they transition from downtown to South Boston. She also makes many of the things for sale, including soap, some of the candles, in addition to an ample supply of crystals and jewelry.

“I learned Tarot reading from my mother and grandmother over many years,” she said. “I grew up in Florida and moved to Boston when I was sixteen and have lived here since. We are moving from downtown to Dorchester soon, so this location is good for what we do. I also see how hard people work, and so far, they have been open to using energy as a way to balance.”

Lilah believes in what she does and how the mind and body connect. She appreciates the importance of knowing oneself and developing natural ways to relax. She also knows the limits of what she can offer, knowing that some people need medical and mental health intervention.

“I’ve seen people benefit so much and feel better about themselves. When people get in touch with their positive energy, they are not so alone. I think this place was meant to be, “she said. “So far, people have come in and said, ‘we need something like this.’ That makes me happy. It does take an openness; I am happy to talk about it with anyone.

On a recent very hot afternoon, Lilah’s store was cool and quiet and had a positive energy all of its own. A fisherman came in and looking around said as an aside “I believe in this stuff.” And, so, the relationship has begun with this storefront, the Evans mother and daughter, and South Boston.

The products are available to all. The other services are limited to those eighteen and over. Lilah’s Crystal’s and Tarot is open six days from 10-6:30.

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