From the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Marian Manor in South Boston has taken numerous steps to support good hygiene, strong infection control and social distancing, all while providing the highly compassionate, high quality care for which it has long been recognized.  Today Marian Manor shared updated data about COVID-19 testing at is South Boston skilled nursing facility.

Consistent with initial Department of Public Health recommendations, Marian Manor originally tested only symptomatic residents for COVID-19.  As of this past weekend, we were able to test nearly all our residents, with the support of DPH and the MA National Guard.  To date, we have a total of 103 COVID-19 positive residents a significant portion of the COVID-19 positive residents remain asymptomatic.

We are saddened to report that 10 residents who tested COVID-positive have passed away.  We have expressed our sympathy to their families and we share in their grief.

We recognize this is a time of great uncertainty and are prioritizing communicating individually with resident families about their loved ones; we have contacted the health proxies of all COVID-19 positive residents by phone. In addition, we are connecting residents via phone or video call.

Because this is highly infectious disease that strikes older individuals and those with complex health issues most seriously, we continue to take many steps to support strong infection control.

This includes:

  • Infection control: expanding access to Personal Protective Equipment across all staff, identifying strategies for maximizing use of PPE, increasing cleanings and other sanitizing/hygiene efforts
  • Physical distancing: closing the facility to outside visitors, ending group activities, taking steps to limit direct interactions between staff and residents
  • Screening: Screening all staff for illness prior to starting the shift; all ill employees are required to take sick leave and remain home until they meet the designated criteria to return to work.
  • Testing: Immediately testing any resident with symptoms; testing all residents once DPH expanded access

Subsequent to the first residents testing positive, Marian Manor designated one nursing unit to co-locate COVID-19 positive residents and began to assign dedicated groups of staff to manage their care.   We are continuing this strategy and expanding the approach when appropriate.

As the media has reported extensively, this pandemic has created a worldwide shortage of PPE.  We are taking a number of steps to both assure that we have the necessary PPE and conserve supplies.  Marian Manor continues to work with Mayor Walsh and Congressman Lynch, as well as Senator Nick Collins, Rep. David Biele and Councilors Flynn and Flaherty in helping us to identify and purchase PPE from a variety of sources. The clinical staff at the Carmelite System also identified and contacted additional vendors selling PPE, supporting Marian Manor in additional purchases of equipment.  We are grateful for their assistance, as well as the many donations of PPE and other equipment from many individuals and organizations in our community.

The outstanding staff at Marian Manor is critical to our capacity to provide continued quality care to our community, support COVID-19 positive residents in their recovery effort and maintain resident connections with their loved ones. During this period, every member of our staff – from clinicians and support staff to housekeeping, dietary and administration, has done truly outstanding work to respond to a situation that is unprecedented.  Their hard work, compassion and commitment are second to none.

Statement from Congressman Stephen Lynch, on behalf of the South Boston elected officials (State Senator Nick Collins, State Representative David Biele and City Councilors Ed Flynn and Michael Flaherty):   “Together with Mayor Walsh and the South Boston elected officials, we have been in daily contact with the team at Marian Manor.  From the outset, they have recognized the seriousness of COVID-19 and have taken all the necessary steps to create a safe environment for their residents and staff, all while providing the type of highly personal care necessary for their residents. We remain committed, along with my colleagues in the state and city, to working with Marian Manor to assure that they have the supplies, access to testing, staff and other resources necessary to continue caring for the seniors of our community,” said Congressman Lynch.