They are happy, young girls, all 12 years old, who are doing well in the classroom and keep themselves engaged in the world of sports. These girls agreed that if they lived in the White House, they’d stop terrorism, help the homeless, and attempt to make peace the order of the day throughout the world. They are Abby Colvin, McRae Wiederer and Cara DiMaggio.

Abby Colvin is the daughter of Michelle and Brian Colvin. She also has two sisters, Vicky and Michaela, and three family cats named Lilly, Holly, and Kitty. She’s a sixth-grader at the Perry Elementary School in South Boston. Her favorite subject is science and someday she hopes to be a fashion designer. Her favorite color is sky blue and her favorite food is pizza. And her favorite entertainer is American singer Nick Jonas.

In her leisure time, Abby likes to draw or watch TV. She also enjoys reading. She’s currently reading “Red Scarf Girl,” a memoir written by Ji-li Jiang in which she chronicles her experiences during the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

In the world of sports, Abby is active in basketball, soccer and softball. She currently plays in the Gate of Heaven CYO house and travel hoop leagues. She’s played in the South Boston Youth Soccer League for as long as she can remember. This past fall, she scored the winning goal in the soccer league shootout to help capture the 12 and under championship. In softball, she’s played for five seasons and is a first baseman. Last summer, Abby caught the last fly ball to end the championship game which their team won.

McRae Wiederer is the daughter of Ginger and Edward Wiederer. She also has a family dog named Val. McRae is in the seventh grade at the John D. O’Bryant School of Math and Science in Roxbury. Her favorite subject is geography and someday plans on being a veterinarian. Her favorite color is blue and her favorite food is fish. And her favorite athlete is Alex Morgan, an American soccer player, Olympic gold medalist and FIFA Women’s World Cup Champion.

In her spare time, McRae also likes to watch TV and read. She’s currently reading “Ice Like Fire,” a fantasy written by Sara Raasch. In the sports arena, this youngster plays in the South End Youth Soccer League. She also loves going to the Walsh gym and playing hoop in the Gatey hoop program.

Cara DiMaggio is the daughter of Vinnie and Mary Beth DiMaggio. She has an older brother, Chris. She’s a sixth-grader at the Boston Collegiate Charter School in Dorchester. Her favorite subject is math and she eventually plans on being a biologist. Her favorite color is turquoise and she loves pasta. And her favorite singer is Ariana Grande.

During her down time, Cara loves hanging out with her best bud, Abby Colvin. Like Abby, she enjoys drawing. Cara also enjoys reading. She’s currently reading “Behind the Bookcase,” a fantasy written by Mark Steensland.

On the playing fields, Cara has been a second baseman in the South Boston Youth Softball League for the past four summers. Additionally, she’s played in the Gatey travel and house hoop leagues for the past five seasons. She just likes keeping busy.