As the old saying goes, “He’s got the map of Ireland” all over his face. And so it is so with our local youngster with the wonderful smile, Colmn Gilroy.

Colmn, 11, is the son of Brendan and Marcella Gilroy. He attends the Carroll School in Waltham. He’s doing well in class and someday would like to play professional football, hockey or basketball.

His favorite color is neon and his favorite food is pizza. His favorite professional athletes are the late and great Ted Williams and Babe Ruth. He loves reading about these two legendary players and telling his dad about them. He also likes Red Sox slugger David Ortiz and Bruins right wing and local favorite, Jimmy Hayes.

In his leisure time, Colmn watches TV, plays games and watches Netflix movies on his iPhone. In addition to sports stories, he likes reading comedies. He’s currently reading “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School” by Jeff Kinney. And he enjoys hanging out at the Murphy Rink.

Last winter, Colmn played in the Gate of Heaven CYO basketball house.

“I’m tall,” he said. “I get a lot of rebounds and someday I figure I’ll be able to dunk the ball. Like tennis and swimming, basketball is physical and it helps me get stronger.”

He’s played in the South Boston Little League for the past five seasons. Last summer, while playing for Coach Bobby McGarrell, Colmn hit a key triple that helped his team win the game against the best pitcher in the league.

“I like baseball,” he said. “It is fun and I get to play with my friends.”

In the summer, along with baseball, he enjoys riding his bike, sailing, as well as playing tennis or swimming at the Weymouth Club. He also loves going to County Mayo in Western Ireland to visit family members.

“Colmn loves going to Ireland,” said his father, Brendan Gilroy. “He’s proud of his Irish heritage. He’s been there three or four times and likes doing farm work and driving the tractor. He likes helping out. He loves spending times there with his aunts, uncles and cousins.”

Next winter, Colmn plans on playing hockey again in the South Boston Youth Hockey League and hoop in school and for Gatey CYO. He likes to keep busy and have fun.

Colmn is a polite kid with a caring attitude which is truly refreshing. His dad is proud of him – and he should be.

“He’s a good boy and works hard in school,” Brendan Gilroy said. “He’s good at helping others at church and in the neighborhood. He shovels sidewalks for neighbors and helps people in need all the time.”