She’s a serious, young girl who is plans on being a doctor someday so she can help those who are sick. Her name is Shams Karzan.

Shams, 9, is the daughter of Karima and Rachid Karzan. She has an older sister, Shahd, and a younger brother, Shaker. She’s in the third grade at the Tynan Elementary School in South Boston. She’s an honor roll caliber student and her favorite subject is math. Shams’ favorite color is red, her favorite food is pears, and her favorite singer is Selena Gomez.

At the South Boston Boys & Girls Club, she enjoys playing soccer and basketball in the gym. She likes going to arts and crafts and the computer room. She also loves going to the education room, the homework room, the games room, and swimming in the pool with her club friends.

Shams appreciates the club staff and all they do for her and other members.

“They’re nice,” she said. “They’re friendly and help me in arts and crafts and in the computer room. They help all of us when we need them. I like all the staff at the club.”

In her leisure time at home, Shams helps her mom clean the house, watches TV, and plays with her toys and dolls. In addition, she likes reading books from the Diary of a Wimpy Kids series written by Jeff Kinney.

Shams is looking forward to this summer. She plans on swimming at Carson Beach and building sandcastles. She also intends to play with her friends as much as she can, continue going to the Club, and  on trips with her family.

If she were the president of this great country, Shams said that she would, “Forbid people from littering…and help homeless people find jobs and places to live.”