These two girls are doing well in the classroom and are enjoying life to the fullest. They are Yarielis Torres-Barrios and Arianna Lamarche-Castro.

Yarielis, 10, is the daughter of Frances and Carlos. She has a sister, Carlianis and two brothers, Yamil and Janil. And, they have a dog named Princess. Yarielis is in the fifth grade at the Dever School in Dorchester. Her favorite subject is math and someday she hopes to be a middle school math teacher. Her favorite color is blue and her favorite food is pizza.

At home, Yarielis enjoys playing dress-up and playing with her Barbie dolls with her sister. She organizes her shoes, clothing and perfumes, and cleans her room. Her favorite TV shows are crime dramas. She also loves to draw and read. She’s currently reading “Just Grace, Star on Stage” written by Charise Mericle Harper. In the sports arena, Yarielis likes playing soccer with her friends, hoop at the Perkins schoolyard, and volleyball in the summertime at Carson Beach.

At the Joseph M. Tierney Learning Center on Mercer Street in South Boston, Yarielis attends art classes, does her homework in the computer lab, and plays with friends in the multi-purpose room or outside across the street in Moakley Park. She also enjoys hanging out in the pre-teen lounge or conducting various scientific experiments in enrichment class.

If Yarielis were the president of the United States, she said that she would, “Lower housing and food prices so people can be happy and live a good life…and not have to live in the streets.” She also said that she wouldn’t live in the White House. It’s too big and not fair that other people live in smaller homes. So she’d live in a small house too.

Arianna, 9, is the daughter of Yuny and Juan. She has a sister named Brianna. She’s in the third grade at the Boston Renaissance Charter Public School in Hyde Park. Her favorite subject is martial arts and someday she plans on being an artist as well as a professional dancer. Her favorite color is pink and she loves eating pasta.

At home, Arianna watches Nickelodeon, Netflix movies and draws. She likes to read and is currently reading “Emily Windsnap and the Monster from the Deep” by Liz Kessler. Arianna also dances and creates her own dance moves. And, she enjoys playing jump rope outside with friends. In the world of sports, she plays volleyball and basketball at school. At the Tierney Center, she enjoys going to the art room and the computer lab.

If Arianna were in the Oval Office, she said that she would, “ask rich people to help poor people so that the world would be a better place.”

Jose Sotz, a program coordinator at the Tierney Center has nothing but good things to say about these two girls.

“They are both very nice girls,” he said. “Arianna is studious. She loves going to the computer lab. She’s aware and caring for other people. And Yarielis is so responsible. She’s a girl scout and has a positive outlook on life. She feels positive things happen when you do the right thing and try your best at everything you do.”