By Rick Winterson

  The park in the southeasterly angle formed by the crossing of the Summer Street Bridge over South Boston’s Reserved Channel has been completed.  It is an oasis in the middle of South Boston’s hustling, bustling Waterfront; it nestles between the Conley Terminal, the Black Falcon Terminal , and the Flynn Marine.  Last Monday afternoon, it was formally named the William Miller Memorial Park, dedicated to the memory of William J. “Hank” “Skippy” Miller III.

The sun and fluffy cumulus clouds over the William Miller Memorial Park alternated with some intermittent showers.  The dedication was crowded; the tent was standing room only, in large part because Miller had a large family and many, many loyal friends.  He had been a U.S. Marine, a long-time longshoreman, and a devoted family man and resident of South Boston.

MassPort’s Chief Executive Thomas Glynn opened and emceed the occasion.  He spoke of Miller’s capacity as a leader and called him “a good guy”.  Congressman Lynch described Miller’s  dedication to labor and its issues, and then read a Congressional citation he had obtained after reading it out in a session of the U.S. Congress.  City Councilor Ed Flynn presented a City Council citation to Miller’s son.  The Hon. Ray Flynn reminisced about Miller, and told an anecdote about the effect of local longshoremen picketing cargo ships that came to Boston from Iron Curtain countries during the Cold War.

Pay a visit to William Miller Memorial Park when you get a chance.