by Rick Winterson


   As of last weekend, Mr. Sid Boston is now open for business, at 49 Northern Avenue in One Seaport on South Boston’s Waterfront.  They held a preview a week ago Tuesday.  Mr. Sid – Boston is an elegant, intimate, eye-catching addition to the increasingly sophisticated scene on our Waterfront and along Seaport Boulevard.  Just walking into Mr. Sid Boston is an experience, so try it yourself sometime.  Become acquainted with their “Made to Measure” concept – for it is truly a desirable concept in menswear.

There’s a backstory to last week’s opening of Mr. Sid Boston.  This year of 2017 is Mr. Sid’s 50th Anniversary in business.  The main Mr. Sid store, located at 1211 Centre Street in Newton Centre, has become a “destination” – a renowned landmark, actually – for anyone seeking fine menswear.  The Mr. Sid Boston store at One Seaport is their first branch operation.  But as always, the tradition of Mr. Sid as a quality family business will continue.

It’s fair to ask what brought Mr. Sid to One Seaport.  Perhaps the opening remarks by Stuart and Barry Segel will illustrate this answer best.  They referred to driving “Over the bridge”, “Across the water.”  They described the South Boston Seaport and Waterfront by saying, “It’s a different world!”  It’s really an extraordinary place; both Stuart and Barry said they wanted to bring their own unusual enterprise here – not to anywhere else.  Here.  They also said they were optimistic that their family business traditions in menswear would continue unchanged in the Seaport.  And as a final touch, there’s a connecting door in Mr. Sid Boston that leads directly into the barbershop next door – Seaport Barbers Boston.

The concept of “Made to Measure” bears further comment:  Of course, the tape measure does its work, using the gaps in the fit of clothes actually tried on in the Mr. Sid Boston store.  The drape, smoothness of the back, and overall lengths are determined.  In addition, the staff will take the time to discuss your lifestyle preferences with you, so they can make intelligent suggestions.  Then, there’s a very extensive “library” of fabrics – including seasonal variations – to select from.  For jackets, customers are encouraged to select colorful linings reflecting their personalities.  That also extends to choosing buttons.  Luke Merryman and Andrew Oman, respectively the Store Manager and Executive Buyer at Mr. Sid Boston said (only half-jokingly), “You’ll be known for your choice of buttons.”  Now, that’s a thought, isn’t it?  And for younger buyers, who might be unfamiliar with fine menswear, Mr. Sid Boston can show them a line they’ve entitled “Sid Royale”.  Check it out.

In closing out their remarks to the guests at their preview, both Stuart and Barry referred to a desire to “give back” to the community in some way.  To use their own words, “This is what a local store does.”  Welcome to South Boston and One Seaport, Mr. Sid Boston.