With 18 years on the City Council under his belt, Stephen Murphy is seeking to re-enter the world of public service as the next Suffolk County Register of Deeds. During his years in City Hall, Murphy served as a councilor-at-large and as the council’s president from 2011 to 2014.

He said the top responsibilities of the register’s position are to “securely keep and provide accurate and accessible land record information.” “I am running for Register of Deeds to bring a level of competence and leadership to an important public office,” he said. “I am the only candidate in this race with experience in public management, public finance and most important in my mind, constituent service.”

Murphy also said he is aware of the complexity residents face when seeking out government services. “Navigating through government agencies can be daunting and my experience working with city, state and federal government’s various departments to help a constituent, has always been my number one concern,” he said. “It’s about answering the phone or emails and doing your very best to help the person who took the time to reach out -find the information they need.”

Michael Flaherty endorsed Steven Murphy, saying: “I’m voting for my friend and colleague Steve Murphy to be our next Suffolk County register of deeds. The register holds a position of great public trust and is responsible for the care of some of our most sensitive official records. Information that is of crucial importance to every citizen who owns property, or someday hopes to, as well as to the entire real estate industry. Dating from 1643, it is one of the oldest elected offices in America. Having worked beside Steve for many years, I know he will continue the tradition of strong leadership that we need, and that he is the best and most qualified candidate for the job.”

If elected, Murphy said he would capitalize on the work of former Register Francis Roache. Some of those things include bringing the Suffolk County website up to date and making it more user-friendly, getting out into the county’s neighborhoods keeping office hours to inform residents of issues like homeowner predatory lending scams. Murphy also said he does not see a difference in stepping up to the county level from the city level.

“The job is the same, it’s about helping people,” he said. “It’s about ensuring residents know their options and helping them protect what is most likely their most precious financial asset, their home.” Thus far, Murphy said he is pleased with his campaign’s progress leading up to the Democratic Primary Election on Thursday Sept. 8.

“We have a great team of volunteers, community activists and elected officials from all across Suffolk County in Boston, Chelsea, Revere and Winthrop,” he said, adding that his campaign website, www.murphydeeds.com, is close to going live. “Signs are going up, we are knocking on doors and making calls.

Bill Linehan weighed in on the Murphey candidacy saying: “Steve has 20 years of experience on the Council that positions him well. He knows how to make government more responsive to constituent needs, he understands how to move the bureaucracy to be more effective and efficient. He also knows management and finance. He is a good government leader who will be a fine Register of Deeds.”

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