On a monthly basis, the South Boston Neighborhood House (the Ollie) recognizes its youngsters by announcing two “Student Spotlight” winners. These young members are recognized for their good behavior, kindness, caring and consideration, as well as being super kids overall. Talia Scott is one of the student spotlight winners for April.

Talia, 10, is the daughter of Carla Elwood and Cedric Scott. She has three brothers, Jonathan, Joshua and Anthony, as well as two sisters, Mylee and Aurinna. She also has a Rhodesian ridgeback pit bull mix dog named Kush.

Talia is in the Advanced Work Class at the Condon Elementary School in South Boston. She’s doing terrific in school and made the honor roll this past semester. Her favorite subject is math. Someday, she plans on being a chef, a professional babysitter, a pet-sitter, a singer, a dancer or an actress.

Talia’s favorite color is blue and she loves eating chicken. She enjoys watching TV and her favorite shows are “SpongeBob SquarePants” and “Backstage.” She likes reading and is currently engrossed in “City of Bones,” an urban fantasy book written by Cassandra Clare. Talia also enjoys playing video games and hanging out with her neighbor, Donovan Lombard. In the world of sports she plays softball and basketball with her friends in the local parks. And she’s been a cheerleader in South Boston Pop Warner for the past six seasons.

“I like being a cheerleader,” Talia said. “I get to be loud and be outdoors with my friends. It’s fun.”

At the Ollie, she loves going to dance club, arts and crafts, and helping out staff members. Last November, Talia was overwhelmingly voted in as the Ollie president for all three age groups.

If Talia were the president of the United States, she said that she would, “Make sure all the trash on beaches was picked up. Make sure construction workers finish their jobs because it seems like they’re always working … and make sure construction workers tear down all the big, ugly condos and build houses instead for families.”

Living in the White House might just be in Talia’s future.

“I think she just might be the president someday,” said Melissa Collins, an Ollie group leader. “I wouldn’t be surprised. She’s an incredible kid, helpful to the staff, and a role model for the younger members. She’s like a little adult always helping others.”