Acknowledging Mylah James

By Kevin Devlin

On a monthly basis during the schoolyear, the South Boston Neighborhood House, aka the Ollie, recognizes youngsters by announcing their “Student Spotlight” winner. These young members are spotlighted for their good behavior, being kind, caring and considerate, being attentive students, as well as just being super kids overall. Mylah James is the Ollie Spotlight winner for October.

Mylah James, 8, is the daughter of Tiffany James. Her dad is Cornell, her stepdad is Cliff, and she has one sister and three brothers. Mylah is in the third grade at the James Condon Elementary School which is located on D Street. The Condon is “an innovative school serving students who reflect the rich diversity of Boston.”       The mission is to “help all students acquire the skills, knowledge and habits they need to reach proficiency and to succeed in high school, college, and a life of active citizenship in the neighborhood of Boston and beyond.” This mission will be achieved “through rigorous academic programs which are differentiated for a range of leaners, a comprehensive approach to the social-emotional needs of children, and enriching opportunities to engage in music, art, dance and swim.”

Mylah’s favorite subjects at the Condon are swimming and math. Someday she hopes to be a scientist so that she can conduct “cool experiments.” Her favorite colors are red and pink. Her favorite singer is Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter, aka Beyonce, an American singer, songwriter and actress, and also Sia Kate Isobelle Furler, aka Sia, an Australian singer, songwriter, and video music director. Mylah’s favorite foods are cherries, chocolate, and Taquitos. And she loves drinking chocolate milk and lemonade.

During her leisure time, Mylah enjoys watching TV. Her favorite shows are “Mighty Med”, “SpongeBob SquarePants”, and “Lab Rats.” She also likes playing with her brothers and cousins, ride her bike or scooter outside the house, play with her dolls, or read nursery rhymes with her mom.

At the Ollie, Mylah likes doing her homework, reading books, playing with her friends, and being active in the science and cooking clubs. She really likes the staff.

“They’re nice,” she said. “They help me with my homework. I really like Katie (Katie Dwyer/STEM coordinator). She’s nice and she cares. She always tells kids who are mean to other kids to stop it. She helps people. I like that.”

If Mylah was the President of this great country, she said that she’d “fly all around the country and drop one hundred dollars bills to the people so they can buy ice creams.”

Kristen DeVoy, the Ollie’s Director of School Age Child Care, has nothing but warm words for this month’s student spotlight winner.

“Mylah’s so full of life,” she said. “She’s always happy and joyful. She has a big heart. Sometimes she draws pictures for me and surprises me with them. Overall, she’s really a good kid. She listens well while doing her work…and all the kids and staff love her.”