On Thursday, November 8, South Boston’s Society of Arts + Crafts (100 Pier 4 Boulevard, second floor) held its Opening Reception for “Adorning Boston and Beyond” and “Our Cups Runneth Over”.  These are cleverly combined exhibitions of both jewelry and cups, which are on view until February 17, 2019.  Admission is free; don’t miss it.


by Rick Winterson


The Society of Arts + Crafts is sited in the middle of South Boston’s Seaport District, at the corner of Seaport and 100 Pier 4 Boulevards.  The Society is on the second floor, just a short walk across Seaport Green from District Hall and the Courthouse Silver Line Station.  It is really a fine place to visit, combining (as it does) an Arts + Crafts Museum and an open-shop-with-a-view, which has truly unique offerings.

On Thursday evening, November 8, the Society held an unusual event.  It was the Opening Reception for combined exhibitions of new age jewelry and cups (yes, cups!).  These exhibitions are respectively named “Adorning Boston and Beyond” and “Our Cups Runneth Over”.  They were creatively and tastefully curated by Heather White, a Jewelry Professor at Mass Art and a Jeweler; and Mary Barringer, a Ceramist and past Editor of Studio Potter.  Both curators are to be congratulated on their joint project.  It really works!

“Adorning Boston and Beyond” is both inspired and historical.  Original creators of modern “art jewelry” are shown, along with teachers of the art, and current innovators.  Jewelry is generally small, so highly varied pieces by more than 30 artists are exhibited.  Jewelry’s evolution tells a story, challenges your own tastes, and may change the way you buy and wear jewelry in the future.

Cups are warm and personal.  How about you?  Do you always use the same special (and cherished) cup?  How do you feel if someone else uses your own cup by mistake?  Whatever your answers, “Our Cups Runneth Over” is for you.  This exhibition’s colors range from eye-catchingly austere to brilliantly colored.  Cups make statements about you, and they are utilitarian conveyors of nutrients and stimulants – from soup to tea to coffee to beer.  View this exhibition carefully – it might grab you!

By the time the mid-evening Opening Reception program began, approximately 250 exhibit viewers had gathered.  Jennifer Rayburn Billings, Chair of the Society’s Board of Trustees, welcomed everyone.  She was followed by Celeste Wilson, Acting Executive Director, who handled acknowledgements and introductions.  Curators Barringer (cups) and White (jewelry) discussed their exhibitions.  The setting  is elegant – the Society’s new quarters boast a striking view of the Seaport District.  Two Waterfront landmarks – Ocean Prime and Cardullo’s – provided catering and beverages.

South Boston Online will close by again recommending that you not miss these two beautifully combined exhibitions, which are on view until Sunday, February 17, next year.  You might even add Christmas gift shopping for your favorite friend or family member to your reasons for visiting “Adorning Boston and Beyond” and “Our Cups Runneth Over” at the Society of Arts + Crafts.  After all, the exhibition’s two titles combine a 21st Century mission statement with a quote from the 23rd Psalm (King James V.)