The Boston Police Department’s Station C-6 on West Broadway held its December meeting of South Boston’s Neighborhood Advisory Council (the NAC).  Due to COVID-19, this meeting was held virtually; it was chaired by Capt. Joseph Boyle, the Commander of BPD Station C-6.  Capt. Boyle began the NAC meeting by reviewing various serious crimes, both in Boston overall and here in South Boston.

The Captain said that several types of crimes are increasing, especially crimes of violence.  Complaints about loud parties late at night, including those that violate rules put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19, are also on the increase.  In addition, many more crimes against property are being committed, which adds to the rapidly growing workload at Station C-6 when these are reported (the officers assigned to C-6 follow up every single report of property crime).

Captain Boyle talked specifically about the many thefts of packages that are delivered, and then left unprotected on porches and front steps.  Obviously, this is the Season when gifts are bought to celebrate the Holidays (nothing new about that).  But in addition, the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 has caused a massive shift to buying Christmas gifts online, and then having them delivered – far more of these gifts are purchased online than in past Holiday Seasons.  Boyle asked that the NAC publicize the need to reduce package thefts, so his officers at C-6 can focus on more serious violent crimes.  The single best way to eliminate thefts of packages is for you to receive them in person whenever they are delivered.  Is there a way you can receive your package deliveries where you work?  If that isn’t possible, try to enlist a helpful friend, relative, or neighbor to receive and sign for your packages in person, as a favor to you.  Perhaps you could return the favor later on – that would mean two deliveries are now safely being made “in person”.

The US Post Office offers a “signature only” option with their deliveries.  Post a note stating that if you aren’t home, they should leave you a USPS note to pick your package up at the South Boston Post Office.  There are UPS and FedEx customer service locations right here in South Boston (on Summer Street) that will hold your packages for you to pick up.  Use Amazon Locker or other services, where the package can be dropped off for you to pick up at a local convenience store.  You have many options for receiving safe, theft-proof deliveries.  Protect your gift-giving.  Check out all your gift delivery options, especially at this time of year.

A South Boston Online “thank-you” goes to BPD C-6 Sgt. Steve McNeil , who oversees the Community Service effort at C-6, for his assistance on this write-up.  We’ll close with a couple of actual package theft stories:

A final note:  Immediately report stolen packages to 9-1-1 (first!), and then to Station C-6 right afterward.  Try to get a description of any suspected thief; call 9-1-1, even if something in your neighborhood only looks suspicious to you!