The true spirit of Southie was on full display at the Peace Picnic Wednesday. The Monica’s Kitchen event at St. Monica’s brought neighbors together to share a meal and build community. It was all about eating together and being together.

Monica’s Kitchen provides food support for the neighborhood year-round. In addition, every month the Kitchen holds Peace Breakfasts (winter), Peace and Pasta Spaghetti Dinners, and Peace Picnics (summer) where “individuals and families … gather with us for community meals where peace and goodwill are shared and seeds of neighborly friendship and concern are sown,” according to one of the church’s bulletins.

On Wednesday, burgers, hot dogs, salads, chips, cookies, and watermelon were served to attendees. The Boston Police Department ice cream truck provided cold treats and officers were on hand to chat with neighbors and hand out games and stickers. (PHOTOS By GINGER DeSHANEY)