By Kevin Devlin

At the beginning of the summer (“Yeah I’ve got a gripe June 23”) SBOL wrote about the danger to pedestrians when crossing the street at the intersection of East Broadway and K Street. This intersection has a high amount of foot traffic and drivers need to be aware of this because sometimes they drive too fast without regard for pedestrians. On more than one occasion, I have witnessed drivers drive recklessly through this intersection as pedestrians were walking across the street and within the crosswalks.

About a fortnight ago, the Boston Transportation Department (BTD) installed pedestrian signage at this intersection to remind drivers to stop when they see pedestrians crossing the street. SBOL would like to thank the BTD for doing that and making drivers more aware of their responsibilities.

But let’s not forget that pedestrians also have a responsibility. I have witnessed pedestrians dart in front of, as well as joggers, run dangerously in front of oncoming vehicles at various intersections in Southie. This is careless behavior. They assume they’ll be okay but it only takes once to be wrong. Cross within the crosswalks. Don’t be jaywalking or jay-running (hey I think I just created a new word).

Even when within the crosswalks, pedestrians should remain alert. When crossing the street (anywhere) keep your heads up. Don’t be texting or looking down at your latest technological device whatever it may be. Lower the volume on your head phones. Be aware of your surroundings and oncoming vehicles on your left and your right. Be responsible because it’s your life.

The BTD will continue to provide safety enhancements as needed but it’s up to all of us to keep everyone safe and secure in the community.