By Ginger DeShaney 

Jennifer Nunez, Angela Huber, Stephanie Greene, and Izzy Gonzalez are always there for the kids in Southie, providing a safe haven.

“You know the phrase, be the person you wish you had when you were younger?” asked Stephanie. “We are trying to do that.

“We want to make an impact on young people.”

In recognition of their work ethic, talent, positive attitude, and heart, Jennifer, Angela, Stephanie, and Izzy have been promoted at the Edgerley Family South Boston Boys & Girls Club.

“Living in South Boston, I see the kids in the neighborhood,” said Jennifer. “Knowing they have a safe place after school is important.”

Angela added that some kids may not have a stable home life or a good support system. “They can come to us,” she said. “We offer a safe space for kids.”

The promotions:

  • Izzy was promoted to School-Aged Child Care (SACC) Director from Assistant Director. She has a BA in Psychology & Criminology from Valparaiso University. Fun fact: “I love traveling and have been to 29 countries. I hope to visit at least 70 more!”
  • Jennifer was promoted to Teen Engagement and Retention Coordinator from Senior Program Leader. Jennifer has an Associate’s degree in Human Service from Bunker Hill Community College and is pursuing a Bachelor’s in Human Services at Lesley University. Fun fact: “I enjoy being creative when I’m cooking and have recently tapped into my artistic side.”
  • Angela, who graduated from the University of Massachusetts-Boston in 2021, was promoted to SACC Assistant Director from Pre-Teen Assistant. Fun fact: “When I was a member at the Southie Club, I was a part of the SACC program!”
  • Stephanie was promoted to Technology Program Manager from Kitchen Assistant. Stephanie received a BA in Criminal Justice with a minor in Political Science from Saint Peter’s University, and attended New England Center for Arts and Technology for culinary school. Fun Fact: “Nickname: DJ ChefSteph. I aspire to be a music producer/engineer and to run my own recording studio.”

For former Club kid Angela, 26, “It’s a full-circle moment,” she said, noting it’s been amazing seeing how far the Club has come, how it’s developing programming, and how it continues to influence people. 

“I enjoy working at the Club,” said Jennifer, 30. “It’s nice to be in a new role and continue to make an impact.”

In addition to being an amazing place for kids, the Edgerley Club is there for its staff. “With COVID, the club has been supportive of our mental health,” said Stephanie, 30, noting the Club created new policies to help staff feel more supported. 

In her new role, Jennifer ensures the pre-teens transition smoothly to the Teen Center; helps with daily activities in the Teen Center; and assists with summer jobs.

Angela makes sure the Club kids have activities, helps with Girls Group, and does some administrative work. 

Stephanie’s main goal is to get kids interested in technology and how it impacts them and society, and creating programs around different types of technology.

These leaders have so much fun at work that it doesn’t feel like work.

“I feel I’m lucky,” said Angela. “I can go to work and play Dungeons and Dragons with kids. Not many people can say that. And I have kids that make me laugh all the time.”

Added Stephanie, “Time flies when you’re having fun here.”

And Jennifer noted that the kids are so open to telling her how their day is going. “I don’t feel like I’m working … you’re working but it’s a conversation.”

Jennifer Nunez, from left, Angela Huber, and Stephanie Greene have been promoted at the South Boston Boys & Girls Club.