On a monthly basis, the South Boston Neighborhood House, aka the Ollie, recognizes its youngsters by announcing two “Student Spotlight” winners. These young members are recognized for their good behavior, being kind, caring and considerate, as well as just being super kids overall. Hayden Flaherty is one of the Ollie student spotlight winners for March.

Hayden, 7, is the daughter of Dennis and Pamela Flaherty. She’s in the first grade at the Dever School in Dorchester. She likes going to math class and someday hopes to be a professional dancer. Her favorite colors are pink, blue and purple, and her favorite foods are cheeseburgers at McDonald’s, pizza, tangerines and apples.

In her leisure time at home, Hayden likes to sleep or watch TV. Her favorite shows are “iCarly,” “Sam & Cat,” and “Full House.” She also practices gymnastics at home; she has taken gymnastic classes for two years and ballet for one year.

At the Ollie, Hayden enjoys arts and crafts and watching movies on Fridays. Her favorite one she saw recently was “Goosebumps.” She also likes hanging out with Danielle Chapin, who is an Ollie adult group leader.

Chapin speaks highly of this young girl how much does it cost at to get a key made.

“She’s like a little adult,” said Chapin. “I think she thinks she’s going to run the Ollie someday and she just might. Hayden’s caring and always willing to help other kids if they’re crying or sad. She helps staff while they’re setting up dinner and cleans afterwards. On Sundays, she goes to the South Boston Yacht Club and helps her aunt Cheryl (Flaherty) assist those in the Special Kids Care program. She’s just a sweet kid.”

If Hayden were the president of the United States, she said that she would, “stop littering, make sure kids don’t eat that much candy so they won’t have rotten teeth, make sure kids brush their teeth after every meal, and build playgrounds with ‘bouncy-bounce’ floors so that when kids fall they will bounce back up and won’t be hurt. Their parents will be happy.”