As you might imagine, our memories of Lori Miller were mostly

connected with the articles South Boston Online wrote about her and her incredibly valuable efforts and accomplishments  in

the South Boston community.        She was a South Boston dynamo; she is already sorely missed. Born into another loyal South Boston family as Lori A. Mirisola, she had deep, deep roots here.  As sad as it was to hear of Lori’s passing, the words used in her obituary were an inspiring tribute to her life – words such as “legendary”, “cherished”, “grace and courage rarely seen”, “spirited and generous”,  “beloved, respected, and actively involved”, “richly blessed”, “always up for a new adventure”, and “paying her blessings forward”.  Every one of those words is true.

We can only add that those words are not just accurate, but also reflect Lori’s nature. You see, Lori was a person of complete

dedication, who brought a very real passion to whatever she believed in.  In addition to her hard work at South Boston Catholic Academy, as well as with countless South Boston causes and organizations, she was politically active – truly, strongly believing in the candidates she supported.  She rejoiced in traveling, and then rejoiced even more when she returned to South Boston.       Everyone knew that Lori had a serious health problem, but her enthusiasm for life eclipsed all that.

She was a joy to be around, at any time and in any place.

                            Godspeed and farewell, Lori.