There are tons of reasons why people choose to move from one city to another. Maybe they finally managed to land their dream job, or something happened in their old hometown that forces them to up and leave someplace new and safe. Home and family safety should always come first, indifferent of your address. If Boston is your next destination, it might be useful to find out which are the safest neighborhoods you could live in. According to the yearly Boston police department report, the top three Boston neighborhoods with the lowest crime rate are West Roxbury/Roslindale, East Boston, and Dorchester.

West Roxbury Neighborhood Crime Rates

West Roxbury has such a magnetic charm that will have you feeling like you are in the suburbs. And given the fact that its crime percentage is of only .215%, there is no wonder you may feel like in the cozy suburbs here. With a population of around 360,000 people, and approximately 2 property crimes per one thousand residents, West Roxbury is definitely a place to be.

East Boston

This area has a crime rate of 1.29% and a population of close to 69,000 people. If you think you would feel more comfortable in a smaller location, this might be just the right spot for you.


With more than 122,000 in population and a crime rate of 18 per 1,000 residents, Dorchester is not only one of the coolest Boston neighborhoods to relocate to, but it is also in the top three safest places in Boston.

How To Make Your New Boston Home SaferCar locksmith services

And while the chances of having your home be broken into are extremely slim should you move to any of the three places mentioned earlier, they are not zero. Also, if you choose to live somewhere else in Boston, you will need to figure out how to make your new home protected against the slippery hands of burglars.

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In the meanwhile, talk to a locksmith that handles residential work as well. Ask the to assess the locks on your doors and recommend the best solutions. They might choose to simply re-key an old set of locks that is no longer well, or have it replaced with brand new locks. You should also seriously consider installing a home security alarm – opt for a reliable security company that will be keeping an eye on things for you.