The SBAA (South Boston Arts Association) held its monthly meeting last Saturday morning. As soon as SBAA President Dan McCole opened the meeting, it became immediately evident that community activity was a key topic. One important business item was the pursuit of a South Boston center for the arts – perhaps in one wing of the proposed new development on Summer Street, where the mothballed power plant now sits. Dan thanked Nancy Maggs for her striking poster about the mural painted by 11 SBAA artists on the Harry McDonough Sailing Center’s north. Look for yourself; it’s easily seen across Pleasure Bay. The SBAA’s new Public Relations Director, Janice Williams from Roslindale, was then introduced. Janice is pictured to the right in the photo above. She gave her background, including her writing as an art columnist and becoming a mixed media artist on her own. She went on to explain, in a condensed fashion, how she approaches public relations for a non-profit organization like the SBAA. All in all, it was a very useful meetingimg_4982