by Rick Winterson

Last Saturday, Mass Bay Credit Union held what they called a “Shred It Event”. It was an event for bringing your confidential and/or personal papers to their parking lot, located at 147 West Fourth Street, to get them professionally shredded and disposed of. Mass Bay called in a professional outfit named “Shred-It”, which not only shreds your documents but also recycles the paper shreds. In other words, shredding is both “green” and good for the environment.
In this day of instantaneous global communications and sharply increasing identity theft, it is certainly advisable to carefully protect your own documents. With professional shredding and recycling, your documents are not only safe, they no longer exist at all. Keep that in mind.
Mass Bay offers other customer-related services as well. Its large customer parking lot at the 147 West Fourth St. Headquarters always has plenty of free, legal customer parking. As you know, that’s no small consideration in South Boston. In addition, there is an automatic machine inside its lobby area that converts your extra change into paper money. For Mass Bay’s depositors, there is no charge for this service; there’s a small percentage fee charged to everyone else.
Is banking a service industry? It most certainly is. But there are many levels of service, such as all of those offered by Mass Bay Credit Union.

Right inside Mass Bay’s front door is a machine that converts your spare change in to paper money (a free service to Mass Bay’s depositors).

Mass Bay Credit Union’s imposing facade at 174 West Fourth Street in South Boston.