By Carol Masshardt

(The series will feature 2024 high school graduates from South Boston)

South Boston’s Liana Flood can make it look easy. A 2024 graduate of the Dexter-Southfield School in Brookline, she excelled in track and is an editor of the school newspaper and has been a peer tutor. She with graduate with the academic honor of cum laude on June 1.

“I went to the Condon K-3 and SB Catholic 3-5 and knew when I made a choice that I wanted a small, closely knit school community where I could connect on a personal level,” she said. “The athletics and academics are collaborative at Dexter Southfield, and the teachers are willing to work with you,” she said.

  If high school success could be based alone on how one manages challenges, Liana would excel by that measure alone. In her junior year, she realized something was making learning harder.

“I was having trouble in math and physics in particular. If you had told me that I had a learning disability then, I would have said you were insane, but I had to address it. I was diagnosed and then went about getting the right kind of help. My mother (Shannon Flood) and teachers Ms. Nunes and Ms. Kent were really helpful. I spent a lot of time in academic support, but then noticed that there were a lot of students there. It was hard enough  and then to navigate SAT s and Advanced Placements” she said. “But, I know strategies now, and am more confident.”

In fact, with a soft-spoken resilience, she gave her senior speech on this subject and said, “I was surprised how well it went.”

  Liana seems to appreciate every experience that matters-the years she attended the Girl’s Group at the Ollie, and in-depth experience at Y.E.S in the South End and the mentorship of Aliyah Yarde. She also is interning at the State House this semester and is confident in her choice in political science going forward.

So, what is next? Liana will be attending the University of Georgia as an honors student. “I need to get out of my comfort zone, and it will be bigger and different. I love South Boston. It’s where my mother grew up and I like the beach and walking, and new people and those who have been here, but it is time. I want to be a lawyer, where I can use reading, writing, debating and advocacy, and need more experience on my own.”

Liana’s many strengths will serve her well, especially the ability to look at a complex issue, and using her determination and resources to move forward in a positive way. A cross country running mentality with an appreciation for team has served her well.

Asked to submit a photo she liked, it was not surprising that she chose one with her younger brother, Caleb. We join the Flood family, Shannon and Paul, brothers, Caleb, 8 and Samuel, 16,   to celebrate an emerging leader and graduate, Liana Flood!

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