by Rick Winterson

You are completely aware of the need to take steps against Coronavirus and the COVID-19 pandemic – it was (and still is) a true plague of global, worldwide dimensions.  Here, our schools, churches, athletic facilities, entertainment venues, and almost all of South Boston’s stores were shut down.  And while it has been a great economic sacrifice, this quarantine has measurably “flattened the curve”.  It has worked.

Now it’s time for South Boston to reopen – gradually!

South Boston Online plans to report upon this reopening in segments, using several short articles.  You know that there are a large number of excellent retail establishments in our neighborhood – establishments that play a huge part in the high quality of life we all enjoy around here.  The various segments of the local economy will reopen step-wise in phases until we reach Phase Four – the “New Normal”, as it’s called.

Perhaps the most cheerful reopening is “bringing up Baby”.  What store could be more important than one that’s devoted to our youngest people as they grow up?  And “bringing up Baby”, operated by Sandy and J.C., continues to serve young people until they reach age 12.  They have been awarded both a Boston’s BEST and a Best of Boston – stop in there sometime.

Quality merchandise can also be found in places ranging from “deirfiur” home furnishings on East Broadway near L, to Stapleton Florist at Emerson and East Broadway.  And Luxe Leisure on East Broadway at the top of Pill Hill is getting ready to reopen this coming Monday.  Get care for your dog at The Broadway Dog Spa, also on Pill Hill.  Or your dog can visit B.Y.O.D., which carries retail items for pets as well.  For your own convenience, Abu Musa has reopened his store, 6-12 Convenience.  For salon styling and services, visit Headquarters, Broadway Haircutters, The House of Ivy, The Luxury Box Barber Shop or Nurture.  These five have now reopened, but check with them to see whether appointments are necessary (or perhaps even required).

Our next article will describe the reopening scene in Perkins Square and West Broadway.  And let’s say thanks to those establishments that were essential and stayed open during the COVID-19 quarantine – pharmacies, grocery stores, home repair retailers, medical practices, and food takeout/delivery services. 


Headquarter’s Hair Salon


Bringing Up Baby


Nurture Salon and Spa


Fine home furnishings at “deirfiur” – open by appointment.


LoGrasso’s Barber Shop


Abu Musa of 6-12 Convenience, now open for business once again.


Broadway Lock


The Broadway Dog Spa


Chris and Christine of Luxe Leisure get ready to reopen – Monday, the 8th.