The past few weeks have been scorchahs! Workers at Southie Trees, an environmental initiative of South Boston Neighborhood Development Corporation, are trying hard to keep the trees and flowers on East and West Broadway happy and healthy through this dry spell. They have been spending their summer planting, watering, weeding and cleaning up the street trees and flowerbeds along the sidewalks. While the flowers planted have stayed healthy in the majority of beds, there are certain things the community could do to aid in our efforts. For example: while your little dog may be having a blast and catching some good rays, please remember to pick up after their ‘messes’ and keep it out of the flower beds. We also ask that you keep your pups out of the flower beds, as their urine can be quite damaging to the trees and flowers planted there. That stuff can erode metal; imagine the damage it does to a daisy or an elm tree!


With the help of the active members of the South Boston community, a lot of the flowerbeds have been maintained despite the current drought we are facing in the Northeast.  It could not have been done without the people and businesses along West Broadway that aid in the efforts to keep these flowerbeds beautiful. The summer interns will be finishing their rounds here on West Broadway later in August, as they head back to school. However, the flowers will continue to grow throughout the Fall, as long as they are looked after. A watering can or two on the hot days is all it takes! SouthieTrees appreciates the community support and loves to help keep this neighborhood beautiful. Thank you!