by Rick Winterson


The Year 2018 A.D. is a historic year in South Boston.  It is the 100th Anniversary of the World War I Armistice (November 11, 1918).  Records show that 103 servicemen from South Boston lost their lives in “The War to End All Wars”.

Equally as historic in a local sense is the 200th Anniversary of St. Augustine Chapel and Cemetery on Dorchester Street at the corner of Sixth.  It is a Chapel built in memory of Father Francis Anthony Matignon, who served as the parish priest for Boston and all of New England until his death on September 19, 1818, 200 years ago.  He was truly Boston’s “Pioneer Priest”; he is buried in the Chapel, which was begun in 1818 and was dedicated in June, 1819.

Just last week, members of Local 7’s Ironworkers performed a clean-up along the wall and around the periphery of the Chapel and Cemetery (see photo).  Thank you for your efforts, Local 7.

Fr. Robert Casey, Pastor of St. Brigid, Gate of Heaven, and the St. Augustine Chapel/Cemetery, has formed a 200th Anniversary Committee that will arrange and sponsor observances and anniversary celebrations over the weekend of next September 14, 15, and 16, 2018.  Boston’s Cardinal Sean will celebrate a late afternoon Mass in the Chapel on September 15.  There will be many other events as well.

Your ideas, help, (and contributions) are needed for this memorably historical weekend.  Please contact Fr. Casey through the St. Brigid Church Office on East Broadway.

Thank you.