They both attend the William E. Russell School on Columbia Road in Dorchester. The school is named after William Eustis Russell. Russell was born in Cambridge in 1857 and attended Harvard College and the Boston University School of Law. He served four terms as the mayor of Cambridge before he was elected as the 37th governor of Massachusetts in 1891, the youngest governor to be elected at the age of 34. The school was built in his honor in 1903. I attended this school back in the early sixties but at the time it was a middle school. But I digress.

The two young girls featured are two young, adorable sisters named Angelina and Gloria Szwanke. Their mom is Veronica and they have an Uncle Mikey, as well as three other sisters.

After a tough day at the Russell School, these two energetic girls spend time with their friends and staff members at the Joseph M. Tierney Learning Center. At the center, these two girls do their homework, work and play on the computer, attend arts and crafts classes, or go outside and play across the street in Moakley Park, when weather permits.

Angelina, 6, is in the first grade. Her favorite subject is math, and someday she plans on being the Tooth Fairy or a billionaire. If that doesn’t work out, she intends to be an artist so she can be famous, and of course, make money. Her favorite colors are black and white and her favorite foods are grapes and blueberries.

Gloria, 10, is in the fourth grade. Her favorite subject is writing and someday she plans on being a world famous singer. Her favorite color is purple, her favorite foods are rice and beans, and her favorite singer is Becky G.

In the world of sports, Gloria enjoys playing soccer and tennis with her friends at Moakley Park. She enjoys the outdoor activities.

“I like sports,” she said. “I get to play outdoors and learn how to play better. It’s fun when I’m with my friends too.”

If Gloria were the president of the United States, she said that she would, “make speeches around the country and tell everyone to keep the environment clean…and not litter.”