By Ginger DeShaney

The youngsters at Moakley Park’s tennis courts had a blast sharpening their skills, getting in some reading, and playing group games Friday as Tenacity ended its 2021 summer run.

Thousands of kids across 18 Boston locations took part in the six-week tennis and reading program. Families could sign up their kids for just one week, all six weeks, or any number of weeks in between. It’s completely free.

The morning sessions were for kids ages 6 to 10; the afternoon sessions for kids 11 to 15. South Boston Online stopped by the morning session Friday to take photos.

During the summer, the kids’ daily schedule would start with exercises, stretching, and group activities. Then they would go to stations for tennis, reading, and off-court games (such as kickball and dodgeball). The session would end with group games and team-building activities.

Moakley is one of the more popular sites for the program, said Matthew Johnstone, director of tennis & summer operations.

According to, the summer program, jointly offered through a partnership with Boston’s Parks and Recreation Department and the City of Boston, provides “an enriching learning environment for city youth, keeping minds and bodies active during the summer.” 

Registration for next summer’s tennis and reading program usually opens in April. Tenacity gets the word out in the schools, at school resource and job fairs, on social media, and through its website. 

Mark your calendars for next year!