by Rick Winterson


    Was the 2019 Plunge actually South Boston’s Polar Plunge No. 150?  A (rough) calculation indicates this might be the case, although confirming that was so would be very difficult.  In any case, many hundreds of Plungers showed up, despite the rain that fell the night before.   It was heartening to see so many folks – from near and from far – live up to their first resolution of the New Year:  To take the Polar Plunge, that is.

The weather smiled, although that could be the result of global warming.  It felt like spring.  The timing of the tides required that this year’s Plunge take place at 9 a.m. sharp.  So, the L Street Tavern, which is essentially right on the threshold of South Boston’s Polar Plunge, opened correspondingly early.  The party was on, right from the start.  The 103rd Postal Fire Brigade Column Pipes & Drums live on, playing patriotic airs along with “Wearin’ o’ the Green” just to round out the Gaelic nature of their music.  They formed up, and then escorted the Tavern’s crowd (many in costume) down L Street and over to M Street Beach.

This was a change from last year’s Plunge, but the M Street locale seemed to work well.  And as usual, it was great to hear Tommy McAuliffe sounding “Charge!” on his bass trumpet/mini-tuba.bbThe 2019 Polar Plunge, possibly No. 150, has passed, along with the first couple of days in the New Year.  As always, this year’s Plunge added one more chapter a great South Boston tradition.  Now let’s make History!