By Tara Kerrigan Hayes

Inspiration can strike at any moment, from the most unexpected of places. Just

ask Navy Veteran and South Boston Native, Michael Aldred, who fortuitously

ventured down a new career path when he transformed an empty booze bottle

into what would ultimately become merchandise for his local, budding business.

He was taking out recycles after a long night of tending bar when an idea came

to him. “This bourbon bottle caught my eye, when I decided to take something

potentially destructive and turn it into something constructive”, Michael said. “I

thought it would just be a fun hobby, turning liquor bottles into candles, to occupy

my time.” As a novice wine enthusiast, Michael began to see all bottles and

labels in a new light. “I thought of how nice it would be if I could take someone’s

sentimental bottle, say from their wedding or anniversary, and turn it into a


The next morning he woke with a mission, and a new entrepreneurial adventure

began. With a natural aptitude for research, he quickly learned about glass

cutting tools and submerged himself in the study of the vast selection of waxes

and wicks in the quest for the perfect, quality candle.

He started small, experimenting with rudimentary glass cutting tools and basic

sandpaper in the basement of the K Street brownstone that he was raised in.

“The workshop”, built years prior by his father, a school teacher and exceptionally

talented carpenter, proved to be the perfect space to nurture Michael’s creative

spirit. “It just feels so peaceful to be in that space, creating, where I watched my

dad create when I was a kid”.

It wasn’t until Michael started gifting early prototypes, that he saw the potential

for K Street Candles as a career opportunity. There was an immediate demand,

as acquaintances became consumers, offering to pay for Michael for custom

made candles as presents for their loved ones. The spark of interest spread

rapidly, and a business was born.

Michael became laser focused working tirelessly through trial and error and

countless burn tests, honing his skills until his product was the high standard he

had set for himself.

He was immediately devoted to becoming a conscientious

company owner with a mindfulness of the environment, making candles

completely void of harmful paraffin waxes, solely utilizing 100% American soy.

As if that isn’t enough incentive for candles enthusiasts to support a local,

veteran owned and operated business, K Street Candles is also dedicated


raising awareness of PTSD in our veteran community by donating 5% of all

proceeds to the Timothy “Doc” Cook Foundation.

Several local boutiques have already expressed interest in carrying K Street

Candles’ converted spirit and wine bottles, a perfect gift for the “someone who

has everything”. But the true beauty in this business is the potential for

uniqueness, especially for the gift givers. Not only can K Street Candles

transform almost any bottle into a hand cut, hand poured candle, but they offer a

wide variety of scents including the option to create your own signature scent,

(perfect for business seeking to buy in bulk).

While the website (currently under construction) is set to launch soon, any orders

or inquiries can be made to

. Be sure to follow K

Street Candles on Facebook and Instagram/kstreetcandles!