by Rick Winterson


   The ostensible cause – an excellent cause, of course – was the cause of fitness among students at the James F. Condon K-8 School.  In addition to “Fitness”, the students, who assembled in the Condon gym, had a marvelous time that included modified street hockey.  The occasion was an interactive press conference last Wednesday at mid-day to highlight a new partnership to support Fitness in Boston’s schools.  Needless to say, the vocal cords and cheering voices of the students are already quite “FIT”

There was quite a weighty roster of attendees:  Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, BPS Superintendent Tommy Chang, E.D. of the Bruins Foundation Bob Sweeney, Delaware North CEO Charlie Jacobs, Police Commissioner Bill Evans, Condon Principal Bobby Chisholm, the Condon staff, and hundreds of students.  Augmenting the guest list was Bruins’ Defenseman Matt Grzelcyk and the Bruins’ mascot, Blades to Bruin, a brown bear.  A brief backstory on Blades – as a brown bear, he’s the largest land animal in the Americas and also carnivorous.  Enough said.

   The Boston Bruins have donated $80,000 worth of hockey equipment to 80 of Boston’s Public Schools.  This is a citywide gift from the Bruins’ organization that will reach out to as many as 25,000 BPS students.  And this donation is for street hockey, so the kids can play with this equipment basically all year around.  It was demonstrated by approximately a dozen staff, students and guest officials, with a shootout featuring Blades the Bruin brown bear tending goal.

A piece of well-meant advice from South Boston Online:  “Keep your day jobs, people!”