Per usual I enjoyed my visit to the South Boston Boys and Girls Club as I walked around taking pictures of staff and Club members enjoying their time in the “Fun in the Sun” program.

On the first floor of the renovated Club I saw kids playing on computers and engaged in various games. In the art room I saw youngsters listening to instructions from their art teacher and then they went about drawing and painting. I went into the gym and took and a couple of pictures and then downstairs to the pool and watched the kids splashing and swimming; and truly having fun.

Then I went upstairs and saw kids playing paddle ball, ping pong, hockey, and pool. Other younger kids were in front of a huge TV engaged in a dance-along. Across from this spacious game room were two rooms where kids were quietly sitting and watching the featured movies of the day.

All of them were happy, busy, and having a blast.

I sort of wished I was a young again so that I could join them and have as much fun too.DSC08015 DSC08026 DSC08023 DSC08022 DSC08021
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