Above: Woods School of Irish Dance students are ready for the parade!

By Rick Winterson

You don’t need to be told that South Boston, Boston, and much of Eastern Massachusetts have been plagued with triple Northeasters that included heavy snows and gusts of hurricane-force winds. However, South Boston Online wants to assure you that the St. Patrick’s/ Evacuation Day Parade will step off from the staging area near Broadway Station at 1 p.m. this coming Sunday, March 18 – come rain or come shine. In other words – the Parade is ON, as planned!

The South Boston Allied War Veterans Council (the SBAWVC) is the group that has been responsible for the Parade for the last 70 years. Every year under the SBAWVC’s stewardship, the Parade has grown. It now attracts more than 150 marching units – the largest such event in New England and the third largest in the entire country. It has become South Boston’s signature “happening”.

Along with its awesome responsibility for the Annual St. Patrick’s/Evacuation Day Parade, the SBAWVC also recognizes its responsibility for public safety. For example, early in 2018 the SBAWVC changed the route of the Parade to some extent. It will now proceed up Sixth Street to the Heights and disband where Dorchester Street meets Old Colony Avenue. This will prevent overcrowding Andrew Square, which could prevent emergency vehicles from passing through.

As you are reading this, the SBAWVC has already walked the Parade route one last time on Wednesday afternoon, checking to see that snow removal has been safely completed. They will then be holding their final Safety Meeting this evening (Thursday). If there are any further Parade changes, you can read about them on SouthBostonOnline. com or our facebook page. We will keep you posted.

But have no doubt – at 1 p.m. on Sunday, March 18, the Parade in ON! See you there!