by Rick Winterson


    The Tree Market at Seaport opened for business last Thanksgiving weekend.  South Boston Online visited Joseph, James, and Ben on their Opening Day on Black Friday.  You should visit for your greenery needs this Christmas Holiday Season – trees (of course), wreaths, illumination, and more.  And the Tree Market is “green” in more ways than one.  Their trees and other goods are delivered by bicycle.

When asked about this, Joseph chimed in to describe his bike trip all the way to the wilds of West Roxbury.  When asked whether South Boston Online could put in “Bike delivery anywhere in the City of Boston”, all of the Tree Market people – Joseph, James, and Ben – agreed that was accurate.  Give them a try on that basis alone – they are contributing to keep the Seaport safe from flooding and global warming.  We’ll quote the Tree Market trio:  “The best part?  EverGreen Delivery will bike everything to your home, leaving you with all of the Holiday cheer and none of the Holiday hassle.”


And the evergreen scent that permeates The Tree Market at Seaport is enchanting.  A rural, countryside smell that is more than welcome in our fair City of Boston.  Joseph, James, and Ben are also the boys who run a Farmers Market in the Seaport during good weather, and yes, they will deliver their farmers market goods by bicycle as well.

The location and amenities that surround The Tree Market at Seaport are (quite) noteworthy, too.  Take the Silver Line to its Courthouse stop.  Then get warm in District Hall; have a cup of coffee.  Then go to The Tree Market, which is nearby, just off the Seaport Green .  And don’t bring your car.  Remember:  The Tree Market at Seaport (#74) delivers – by bike!   Call them at 617-285-0826.  They’re open until Sunday, December 23 – TUE-FRI, 2-7 p.m.; SAT, 9 a.m.-7 p.m.; SUN, 9 a.m.-6 p.m. (closed Mondays for deliveries).  Ask them about traditional Christmas Eve deliveries of greenery.