They are having fun this summer as members of the Harry McDonough Sailing program which is located on Castle Island. They’re learning how to sail and are happily cooling off in the ocean waters of the Lagoon. They’re enjoying themselves but also have to behave responsibly and listen attentively to the program supervisors (whom they all like) when they explain water-safety precautions. The three boys enjoying life at Castle Island sailing and splashing around are, Jackie Murphy, Mike Whalen, and Corey Legere.

Jackie Murphy, 12, is the son of Maurice and Jean Murphy. He has three sister sisters, Emma, Ally, and Ciara. He loves his family pets, a cat named Arthur and a dog named Max. Jackie will be in the sixth grade this September at the Richard J. Murphy K-8 School in Dorchester. The mission of the school is through the shared efforts of parents, staff and community, to provide “…its students with the ability to become lifelong learners…and to develop the pursuit of excellence while recognizing and appreciating diverse needs and potentials.”

Jackie’s favorite subject is math. He said he’s a straight “A” student and someday hopes to be an engineer, or a marine biologist, or a professional hockey player. His favorite color is green, his favorite food is mozzarella sticks, and his favorite professional athlete is Patrick Kane who plays for the Chicago Blackhawks in the NHL.

Jackie is active on the playing fields. He has played in the South Boston Pop Warner Football League for the past five seasons. He’s used as a running back, quarterback, and as a defensive end. He’s been skating since he was two years old and last season was on the Pee Wee “A” team in the Dorchester Youth Hockey League. Jackie has also been involved in the Dorchester Youth Soccer League for the past seven years, and is on their travel team. And he’s played Gaelic football and Hurling his “whole life” and loves these two Irish sports.

Mike Whalen, 12, is the son of Mike and Jennifer Whalen. He has a brother named Timothy and a family dog named Toby, which is a mix of a beagle, pug, and Boston terrier. Mike’s entering the seventh grade at the Oliver Hazard Perry School which is located in South Boston. The school’s mission is to “provide opportunities for students to explain their thinking with evidence-based oral and written responses” allowing “students to develop critical thinking skills needed for high school and college.”

Mike’s favorite subject is math. He’s doing well in school and someday hopes to be an accountant or pursue a career in the United States Coast Guard. His favorite color is blue and his favorite food is buffalo tenders.

In the athletic arena, Mike has played in the South Boston Pop Warner Football League for the past three years. He’s used as a defensive, end, defensive tackle, and on the offensive line.

“I like the contact, he said. “I also like winning and being on a team with friends.”

Corey Legere, 11, is the son of Adam and Tiffany Legere. His only brother is named Devin. Corey’s entering the sixth grade at the Abigail Adams School in Weymouth. The school’s mission statement is to provide “an academically excellent, developmentally, responsive, socially equitable, respectful environment which is supportive for all student’s learning and growth.”

Corey favorite subject is math. He also said he’s doing well in school and someday hopes to be a lawyer or a professional hockey player. His favorite color is blue and his favorite food is tacos.

Corey has played in the Weymouth Youth Hockey League for three years and is used as a left winger. He also plays Little League baseball and is a second baseman.

“I like the contact in hockey,” he said. “I like baseball too and really like getting hits. In the two sports, I enjoy it when people cheer for me when I do something good. It makes me happy and I try even harder to keep doing good things.”