The Boston Public Schools may be closed for the summer vacation, but the community centers are open, and the “Fun and the Sun” summer camp counselors are busy keeping youngsters busy.

These summer camps, coordinated by the South Boston Summer Collaborative, are held at the South Boston Neighborhood House (617-268-1619), the South Boston Boys and Girls Club (617-268-4301), the Condon Community Center (617-635-5100), and the Tynan Community Center (617-635-5110).

“The South Boston Summer Collaborative is an association of South Boston’s leading youth serving agencies. The purpose of this collaborative is to provide…members with opportunities for growth and development in physical, educational, social, and cultural skills.”

These sites offer a variety of programs for children aged six through fourteen. Overall, the four programs include sports games, gym, arts and crafts, games, education, swimming, swim lessons, music, storytelling, cultural projects, computer time, special events, and day trips.

“These summer programs are great for the children,” said Tynan Community Center Administrative Coordinator, John Lydon. “We keep them busy at the centers and they also go on field trips. The kids have fun by interacting with our camp counselors (all local kids) who do a great job keeping everyone engaged and happy on a daily basis.”Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 10.29.50 AM