West Broadway Neighborhood Association Beautifies City with Banners

We all know that South Boston is a great place to live, work, dine, and play. Now, thanks to the efforts of the West Broadway Neighborhood Association (WBNA), anyone who passes through knows it, too.

An installation of 95 beautiful banners now adorn 65 city light poles throughout the West Broadway neighborhood, creating a lively and welcoming atmosphere for residents and visitors alike.

The banners showcase six stylized architectural graphic designs, featuring selected local landmarks, with the message, “Welcome to South Boston — A great place to live, work, dine, and play.” 

This ambitious initiative aligns with two of the WBNA’s core missions: building a connected, inclusive, and engaged community, and continuous beautification. By actively engaging in projects that foster a sense of togetherness and elevate the aesthetic appeal of the neighborhood, the WBNA aims to cultivate a vibrant and thriving community for all its residents.

“We are grateful for all the community and City of Boston support during this process working though the necessary permitting and approvals, and graphic design focus groups to finally bring this project to fruition,” said Nancy Pongratz, a member of the WBNA Board of Directors.