Rain did not dampen spirits at the 45th Annual Harry McDonough Sailing Center cookout last Friday. In fact, if anything, it seemed like “Old Home Week”

by Rick Winterson

“Everyone talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it”, is an old saying. It came true last Friday evening, when three inches of pouring-straight-down rain fell on the Harry McDonough Sailing Center cookout – the 45th cookout. Local streets flooded and umbrellas turned inside out. Nevertheless, approximately 100 brave souls showed up, and it was damp – as in sopping wet. But in typical Southie fashion, especially at fundraisers, everyone said, “Let’s have a party!”, and they certainly did.
Lots of old friends were there. Dave Littlefield, the Sausage Guy, personally tended to the sausage grille. He reports that he’s living in Hingham now; Rosemary and their three kids are all fine. Dave has left the Salsa business behind, including his Salsa in Hingham as well as the one in South Boston. The Sausage Guy business has taken off, and is being introduced as a retail offering by Stop & Shop as you are reading this. And there are now Sausage Guy franchises all across New England.
Thomas Park, South Boston’s most well-liked (and versatile) cover band, entertained. The rain didn’t affect their equipment or their performances. They have been seen at so many “times”, occasions, and fundraisers that they have become our favorite musical brand name. And credit is due to another Paul – their sound man, who kept everything operational, despite all the moisture.
Another friend of South Boston stopped in also – Joe Calnan, who used to own and operate Calnan’s Jewelry on East Broadway. Joe now works for his son as a jeweler and watch repairman at Inner Harbor Jewelers in East Boston (112 Chelsea Street, near Santarpio’s and Maverick Square). Stop in over there sometime. Their façade on their website looks very attractive.
In a very brief program, Billy Higgins (the younger) reminisced about the Harry McDonough Sailing Center’s earlier days. Billy said, “We have new boats , a new wharf, and everything is paid off. Harry wouldn’t know this place.” He then presented grillmaster George LoCascio with a framed memento, in honor of George’s “68 years of cooking.” A slight exaggeration perhaps, but not by much.
The party then resumed. And the band played on.