As the parent of a small child, you don’t have to be told that your son or daughter is developing very rapidly. Many research studies have shown that kids’ brains develop just as rapidly as their young bodies. A number of these studies have been done locally – the Achievement Gap Initiative (the AGI) at Harvard and programs in the Department of Pediatrics at Boston Medical Center are two examples.

How would you, as a caring parent, like to become familiar with the results of all this research? Well, it’s easier than you may think. Just invest two hours of your time –  5:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 23, at the Condon Community Center at 500 D St. You will enjoy videos that completely explain “The Boston Basics” – five simple, powerful ways to get your child off to a great start learning.  Then, any questions you have will be answered.  In addition, “The Boston Basics” sponsors have arranged a training session on infant CPR for you.

We mentioned five pieces in “The Boston Basics.” They are:

  • Maximize love and manage stress
  • Talk, sing, and point
  • Count, group, and compare
  • Explore through movement and play
  • Read and discuss stories

These five simple, everyday actions will make a huge difference in your child’s life; her or his early childhood development will become much more effective. Basically, you, already a caring parent, will become your child’s first teacher by helping him or her get ready for school.

“The Boston Basics” is the first such offering in South Boston. Next Wednesday evening’s session will be hosted at the BCYF Condon, Tynan, and Curley Community Centers. It’s facilitated by the South Boston Neighborhood House, South Boston’s Family Engagement Network, and Countdown to Kindergarten.

These organizations want as many parents to attend as possible, so light supper fare will be provided. If you can’t get someone to care for your youngster while you’re at the Condon, limited childcare will be available there. And at the end of “The Boston Basics,” a raffle will be held for all the participants.  You can’t beat that with a stick, so please plan to attend.