1 09, 2016

Happy Labor Day from Our (Working) Neighborhood

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Labor Day weekend is coming our way once again. by Rick Winterson If that statement seems to have overtones (undertones?) of sadness, well, South Boston Online guesses that it does. It has been a great summer, especially when contrasted with our forbiddingly snowy, recordbreaking winter. The summer in the Year of Our Lord 2016 really didn’t begin until well into June; the snow farm on Tide Street over in the Waterfront officially took till July 14 to disappear. The rest of the summer seemed to speed by. The Bard put it best in his 18th Sonnet, “ … And summer’s lease hath all too short a date:” Well, it’s time to put away the white clothes and the sunscreen, and get back to work. But [...]

4 08, 2016

General Electric (GE) Headquarters Project Begins

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You have no doubt heard about the General Electric (GE) Company’s plans to relocate its Corporate Head­quarters from Connecticut to South Boston’s Fort Point District. Specifi­cally, GE’s new Headquarters will be sited on the South Boston side of the Fort Point Channel, and will utilize two existing, renovated brick ware­houses at 5-6 Necco Way (Yes, that’s “NECCO”, as in those ever-popular NECCO Wafers produced by the New England Confectionary Co.). GE will lease a block of land from Procter and Gamble’s wholly-owned Gillette subsidiary, which is also located along the Fort Point Chan­nel. Renovations of the existing brick warehouses will begin as soon as pos­sible; ground will be broken for the main Headquarters Building early in 2017, pending granting of all the necessary permits. Completion [...]

4 08, 2016

Southie – A Good, Healthful Place to Be

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   Two recent events confirm something that South Boston Online has always said:  South Boston is a great place to be.  Both events confirmed that to us more emphatically than ever.  The first was the “Fun in the Sun” Health Fair, held at the McCormack Pavilion on Carson Beach last Thursday, July 28, from 9 a.m. till 3 p.m.  The second was the annual First Monday“Kid’s Day” on August 1, from noon till 9 p.m. at South Boston’s Farmers Market in Perkins Square.    As you would imagine, the Health Fair’s exhibits and activities were devoted to the participants’ state of health.  We have room to mention only a few – perhaps the most impressive was the Blum Family van that rolled up to the [...]

28 07, 2016

A Birthday “Friendraiser”

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Kathleen “Kathy” Bitetti is a multi-talented local artist, consultant, and curator. She has lived in South Boston for 20 years, pursuing numerous cultural interests that include public works of art, two of which are being created here in South Boston as you are reading this. Last weekend, true to her devotion to public art, Kathy combined a “Friendraiser” with her birthday brunch (Kathy is forever 29). Now, a “Friendraiser” is a means of generating contributions on a small, intimate scale. About 20 of Kathy’s friends gathered at her place to assist with funding the two works of art mentioned above. Such works of art are sometimes called “installations”. A better term might be “site specific art work”, because these creations are meant to “interact” in [...]

20 07, 2016

MAXIM Pharmacy Now Open in South Boston

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  It’s always a pleasure to welcome a new business to South Boston.  We live in a growing, thriving neighborhood with plenty of room for opportunity.  The new enterprise we are “Making It Our BUSINESS” to report on this week is MAXIM Pharmacy.  MAXIM is located at 267 Old Colony Avenue, where it intersects with Dorchester Street (617-268-4500; info@maximpharmacy.com). The Pharmacy Manager and owner of MAXIM is Hieu B. Vinh, R. Ph. (for Registered   Pharmacist).  He of course takes the integrity with which he fills his prescriptions as his most important responsibility.  You are in good hands with him.  Hieu also prides himself on the service he renders to his customers, which he calls “Full Service”. Service can mean something small but important.  For example, MAXIM [...]

20 07, 2016

Teen Beach Party Fun

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   The Condon Community Center joined forces with the Curley Community Center on Wednesday, July 13, in a party sponsored by the Boston Centers for Youth and Families (the BCYF).  It was a young peoples’ blast, with a DJ, water fun, beach games, a balloon man, and of course, a lot of hot dogs and hamburgers. What would a teen party be without a balloon man – he was a clever guy! Doing the Limbo at the teen party on the Curley Center’s beach. Calling out lucky numbers with the teen party hostess and the DJ. And of course there was fun in South Boston’s squeaky clean water. Hot dogs and hamburgers galore at the teen [...]

20 07, 2016

SPOTLIGHT: Dawnmarie Salmons, Boys & Girls Club Music Director

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   You perhaps saw the recent “Music Parade”, which played and marched on Friday, July 15, from the Boys & Girls Clubhouse on Sixth Street down West Broadway to the Boston Police Department’s Station C-6.  It was quite an event – the creation of Dawnmarie Salmons, the Music Director at South Boston’s Boys & Girls Club.  The event was evidence of Dawnmarie’s love of music and her ability to think “outside the box”. Dawnmarie is a local young lady.  She was brought up in the Clam Point neighborhood of Dorchester and went to the Boston Arts Academy.  Her first key encounter with music took place at an early age; it was both memorable and transformative.  Dawnmarie was in the fourth grade when a high school [...]

20 07, 2016

Eastern Bank’s Generous Support

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Michele Hart, Manager of South Boston's Eastern Bank Branch at 470 West Broadway, presents checks for $10,000 to both John McGahan, President of the Gavin Foundation, and Bob Monahan, Executive Director of Julie's Family Learning Program.  South Boston is grateful for Eastern Bank's very generous community support.

14 07, 2016

South Boston at Its Best

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by Rick Winterson   There’s little or no question that South Boston is an extremely desirable neighborhood to live in.  We have become America’s urban hometown.  What makes South Boston so special?  Perhaps taking a look at the recently completed month of June will help answer that question. June, 2106, was (as always) sandwiched between late May, which featured events like the opening of the Lawn on D and the solemnities of Memorial Day itself, and the weekend of the Fourth of July, when the Esplanade festivities took place and the Queen Mary 2 docked at Black Falcon.  Well, this is a marvelous framework for any month, but it is not the month of June itself. So, South Boston Online will confine our comments to [...]

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